What Type of "Worship" Music is Your Favorite?

In congregational singing, you are most likely to be engaged by...

...a simple, classic hymn.
...a slow, reflective modern song.
...a really rockin' praise tune.
...a classic hymn w/ modern music.
I love all of these types of songs!
None of these songs engage me.

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Erik said...

that question is a bit leading don't you think? ;)

would be better as checkboxes (multiple selections) than radio buttons (only one choice). What if you like 3 of the 4 choices, but not the 4th. How do you answer without lying about the 4th kind or only voting for 1? Too hard to choose........

Susan L said...

I bet the results are correlated with the person's age... That would be interested to see when all the results are in. However, we could not easily look at that based on the design of the questionnaire. --- My previous life/job as a statistician is shining through now :-) Susan Luna

Richard Topping said...

I agree with the first two comments. I'm a stick in the mud old timey hymns lover,but God has given many talents and abilities to songwriters and musicians and many great pieces have graced our ears and heart which we can equally enjoy. Maybe a pleasent mix could appeal to most.Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
Communication is good for the Soul. Richard Topping