the goal of this blog

Hey gang.

A question for you:

How can I best serve you through this blog? I realize that some may feel there can be no spiritual benefit gained from the internet, but I'm convinced that if we use this blog well, we can all be challenged and edified, and that God can receive glory. So what I want to know is, what are your thoughts and ideas about how I might use this blog to best accomplish those goals? What types of things might I include in it on a regular basis that might strengthen and encourage, challenge and inform, and generally help and serve you?

A few thoughts that I've had, for which I'd welcome your feedback, are:

- Personal reflections on corporate worship, music, the Gospel, and related issues

- Links to and reflections on articles and essays that I find helpful and/or challenging.

- Periodical Q & A, where anyone might submit a question about issues related to corporate worship, and I dedicate a blog post to responding to the question.

Do you have other ideas? We've already done a little poll, which was interesting, though, as was pointed out by a couple, it wasn't the most helpful format for what it was trying to accomplish. Do you think these types of polls might be helpful? What kinds of topics could they cover?

I'm open to suggestions.


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Anonymous said...

I know you have encouraged us to prepare our hearts for Sunday worship, which is great. If you can share with all of us in advance of Sunday what the focus of worship will be that week, it would help me prepare, I know (for example, holiness or loving others).
Susan Wright