Prepare Your Hearts

Hey gang.

I hope you'll spend your Saturday evening not just having fun and enjoying your families (though I hope you're doing those things), but that you'll think toward preparing your hearts and minds for corporate worship tomorrow. Those of us who will be on stage leading the congregation, may we draw our minds to the mercy and justice of God revealed in the substitutionary death of Jesus for us. May this reflection cause us to marvel at his glory, and may that joy and wonder be evident in us as we call those gathered to do the same.

Those of you who will be among the congregation, may you savor the sweetness of God's redeemed people expressing gratitude to the Redeemer, and as we partake of communion, may we truly "proclaim the Lord's death till he comes."



Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

Very good points. I like this webpage/blog that you created. It is being viewed -- even if I did not previously leave a comment. I don't want everyone to read my comments but I do want you to know that your efforts are appreciated!

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